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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 23, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm beth troutman. we have great videos right this minute. cops say the driver of this car hit a tree and then split the scene. >> oh, there's one more thing. he left his wife behind. >> in the car? >> now hear how she may be paralyzed, but she's kicking his sorry tail to the curb. some elephants are swept down a canal. >> that's got to be a strong current to push an elephant. >> how villagers rise to the task. >> and make a makeshift ladder
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into the water. >> see the car towing another car with something flimsy. >> mm-hmm. it doesn't look like a very secure tow. >> wait until it goes around the corner. and it's a hot new concept car. >> i'm still waiting to see the car. >> that's the car. >> oh! >> find out the one feature that makes this ride so special and kind of creepy. >> what do you need this for? it's time to get our show started. gayle has our first video. >> take a look at this car here. oklahoma troopers say that the man driving this car after a new year's party, jerry arthurs, smashed into a tree. witnesses said he had been drinking, he hit a tree, called his friends to come pick him up. oh, there's one more thing. he left his wife behind. that's his wife cheyenne. she has filed for divorce because he left her for dead. >> in the car? >> in the car.
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>> oh. geez. >> cheyenne was diagnosed a quadriplegic and even tried to commit suicide, but four months later she is starting to get feeling in his arms, legs and feet. >> i can lift my arms, kick out. i can walk with a walker. not by myself, with assistance. >> four months later after this crash, jerry arthurs is a f fugitive still on the run, but that hasn't stopped him from posting messages on facebook. he basically said i'm clyde, you want me, come and get some. i'm a solo, i lost my bonnie, i'm done. >> he didn't lose his bonnie, he lift his bonnie in a car. >> can barely spell or form english senses as well. >> authorities say he was driving with a suspended
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license. >> guy is a winner all the way around. this first appeared on sri lanka tv. what you are seeing is a group ofephantsaw current of a canal. >> that's got to be a strong current to be able to push an elephant. >> elephants can swim. i think they got so deep that they couldn't touch any longer and it started carrying them as they tried to swing. >> all you see is the trunk. >> that's bad. >> you can see the citizens are getting really involved in this process. what they take, it looks like sticks. they start poking and prodding at the elephants to physically push them out from underneath this bridge. >> you have another elephant being swept towards the waterfall. >> is he trying to get up there on the ledge? that's what it looks like. i will show you this again. this is the most heartbreaking part of this video. >> that's an elephant fighting for his life right there.
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he is giving every ounce of energy that he has. >> and think about how many hundreds of pounds he is trying to get up there, all those people are hanging around. >> watch what these citizens come together and do. you see them right here pulling together what looked like some thick branches or some small trees. they get these incredibly thick ropes and make a makeshift ladder into the water so that the elephant can get a foothold and crawl out. >> watch as he crawls his way out of this canal, the citizens then kind of shoot off some flares. just to make sure the elephant runs back towards the plain rather than towards the canal again. >> that was really amazing of those townspeople. they were really fighting against time. >> seems like they knew exactly what they were doing. all sorts of inmates in new mexico prisons have come up with a kind of interesting way to communicate with one another. but the prisons are not happy
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about it they're using an age-old aztec language. >> what? >> yeah. >> letters being sent in, sent out, over the streets, there's phone calls. here's what this language looks like. the people who work in these prisons are doing their best to learn this language themselves. >> by us being diligent, trying to learn this language, that's how we, you know, combat that type of activity. >> there's 30 inmates being investigated because of this right now. they think they're trying to sort of assemble a gang within prison walls by using this ancient aztec language. >> all they're try doing is get over us, get over the system. >> they're also saying with the letters, inmates can call shots outside the prison walls about drugs or guns. >> why not spend time doing something effective rather than
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in prison? use that knowledge and brain power to do something great for mankind instead of using this to create gangs. >> if the number of gang members increase in prison, then the violence in penitentiaries rise. that means violence out in the streets could rise as well. for this woman, letting the cleaning crew into her home became a complete nightmare. >> it's been a very difficult experience for me and my daughter. >> robin lori scheduled the cleaning crew to arrive. when they arrived they opened the door, but the family's pet ran out and escaped running into traffic and being hit by a car. >> oh. >> oh, no. >> you would expect the cleaning crew to take some action. you would expect someone to call robin or to came a vet, take the pet to the vet. instead, they took her and put
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her under the dining room table. didn't say a word. >> to try to pretend it wasn't their fault? like this dog got squished under the table. >> i don't think it's their fault the dog got out. if you know you have a cleaning crew coming to the house and you have a dog that tends to run when the door is opened, maybe keep the dog in the crate or notify these guys and say, look, our dog likes to run out the front door. >> robin said she offered the cleaning crew to take the dog with her when she was out of the home. they said, no she's fine, you can leave her. so they knew there was a pet in the home. she did not survive the acciden accident. >> you don't think it was their fault but courts in colorado thought it was and awarded robin $65,000. >> i think it's their fault that they didn't do something about it. a cop stops traffic for --
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>> a mom and her baby. >> to cross the street. we'll explain. and this man, a yo-yo, and some glasses will have you going -- >> oh. >> but the question is -- honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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♪ welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos, all day long. i think this is probably a pretty bad day on the roadway. ♪ >> a traffic circle. nothing good starts with a traffic circle. >> keep watching. ♪ do you see this car here? this kind of dirty white car that looks like it might be towing this car with toilet paper? >> mm-hmm. doesn't look like a very secure tow. >> like a bungee cord? >> i don't think it's even a n
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bungee cord. it looked like a tampon string. don't want to use a tampon string. >> that's what it looks like. >> it's being towed oddly. watch what happens when it goes around the traffic circle. >> the rope broke. >> that when into a brand new car? what the heck? >> it went into oncoming traffic, just rolls right into the kia dealership, but doesn't seem to hit anything. >> it parked itself. he figured, you know what? they need a new car, i'll park to the side, trade myself in. >> that car knew it was not being towed appropriately. >> that car got confused at the traffic circle, just like everyone else does. he's like where do i go? he went straight. >> i parked himself near the new cars to make sure nobody notices it. >> the car who was towing it, oh, i'll get in the other lane, pretend it wasn't me. >> traffic circles.
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jaywalking can be dangerous, especially if it's a mom and her baby crossing the street. look at this video from alliance, ohio. >> out of the car, some ducks across the street. >> awe. >> sergeant warner immediately stopped his cruiser and stopped traffic to safely help mama duck and her ducklings across the street. >> geez, the life of a cop. every day must be different. >> they don't really know what cars are. they were living in this world, suddenly up came the road. they did it at white house not long ago. this is what they do. they get themselves into interesting predicaments. >> people got to save them. >> there's a new cthing, i may
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call cps on this duck mom. >> she crossed the first two lanes with no traffic coming. the sergeant was able to stop the rest of the traffic for them to cross safely, though he did give them a stern warning and told them never do it again. but he did release them without a citation. i've got a super awesome concept car to show you guys. this thing is hot. you'll see why. >> i'm still waiting to see the car. >> that's the car. >> oh! >> it's a sauna car. >> what? what do you need this for? when do you need to get somewhere when you're in the sauna? >> it does look very cold and snowy where they are. >> it is cold where they are it's in astonia. it fits ten people. the driver sits kind of on the porch of this thing. so far the sauna car doesn't go high speeds and just doing short trips now. it was built from spare parts
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from old soviet vehicles. >> okay. so it's -- >> it's recycling. >> and part tank. which is good for the environment, recycling. this guy says he never comes up with any normal ideas in his inventing. >> no. >> he calls this his biggest achievement yet. this is why he created it. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you cannot take a sauna taxi somewhere because the place you show up, you will be a hot, sweaty mess. >> it's like a tour bus. picks you up at one spot, drops you off at the same spot. everybody eat at steven's house because we're all going in the sauna car. >> no, everybody not go to steven's house because we're not going in the sauna car. how to stop the cat from attacking. >> fill the bowl up with food. >> that just might solve this,
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or not. >> one thing you don't want with your porn would be beans. >> would be beans, yes. >> porn and beans. the story behind a
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welcome back to the show. don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. milo the cat has a portion control problem.
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this video posted by his owner, milo goes on a two-day feeding binge. the owner said these are only the highlights in this video. that he raided this feeder multiple times in two days. >> so is the cat run nothing this thing to knock the food into the dish? >> mm-hmm. >> why don't they put the feeder on the counter? >> or give them food in a bowl. just fill the bowl up with food. >> there's even a fight going on. >> yeah. >> the black cat gets a cheap shot in. looks like the fight is over. then the cat is like -- yeah. >> then he walks away, like i got the last laugh. >> squirrel stuck. >> come here, buddy.
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♪ oh. ♪ >> good man. good man. way to save 'em. it's monday, that means it's real or fake time with matt from ebom's world. oh. >> hey? >> didn't your mom teach you not to eat with your mouthful? >> it's my birthday, i can do whatever i want. >> happy birthday. >> while you finish adjusting that. we'll hop right in. the first one, amazing yo-yo tab tablecloth trick. >> ew. >> oh. >> is that real or fake?
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>> i think it's real. >> i think it's real. >> what does he do? get the yo-yo tangled up in the table cloth and pull it back? >> this is real. definitely real. it's like a modified version of the around the world trick, which i'm an expert at. wish i had my yo-yo here. >> we do, too. >> the next one, cool electrostatic effect on water. >> oh. >> that's cool. >> yep. that's real, too. i think we did that in science class one year. it's just not cool enough for it to be fake. >> why would you fake this. >> yeah. it's cool. kind of cool. i guess it's real. >> this is real, too. >> last one, forklift operator puts coin in bottle. >> do it! >> here he goes.
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>> do it! >> yeah! >> man, that was great. bravo. >> holy snaps. >> the cool part of the video is how you get the penny on the flipping forklift. >> he flipped it on. >> he flipped it. >> i got it. >> see what you did there? >> all right. we all real? >> yeah. good stuff this week. >> yeah. wow, we're impressed. >> thanks a lot. i had a lot of free time on my hands. now it's just buy myself a cupcake, just have a nice, quiet night alone. >> oh. >> oh. okay, now you're just a few minutes away from the end of the show and spending a lot of time on our favorite website, say it with me now, okay. now back to the show. ♪ chicken in space.
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there's a chicken in space. >> you know what? now i realize why there's all this space junk up there. >> finally a video that explains all that space
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i want you guys to check out this giant wind turbine and it's airborne. this was created by alteros agencies, basically an arm of
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m.i.t. this thing is 35 feet wide and they got it 350 feet in the air. it's helium filled around it. that makes it so light. in order to lift it up. but this, i think, is a game changer in terms of harnessing energy, because the wind you get up in the air is five times stronger than wind that you get on the ground. >> oh. >> when it's in the air, it's still tethered than to the ground, right? >> it is tethered. the tethers transfer the energy to the ground. here's the thing. they want to be able to use this in rural areas, like in villages where you don't have a giant energy source and big power grid. they about what this could do for a village in kenya. this is where they can generate their power and it would be cheaper. beth, one of our very awesome "right this minute" viewers sent me a hilarious photo i wanted to share with you. i think it's from, like, a
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newspaper ad? like a walmart ad? >> wow, you get porn with your beans. >> best part? two for one this was sent to us from karen lynn north from out of alabama. total mistake in a local newspaper ad. porn beans. >> one thing you don't want with your porn is beans. >> yeah. i mean [ bleep ]. imagine porn with just a bunch of baked beans thrown in. >> those beans are moist. >> yeah. >> hopefully nobody lost their job over this. honest mistake. i wonder how many people showed up and were like i'm here for the two for one porn and beans. >> i'm here for the beans and porn. >> they're like, oh, sorry. sor sorry, no porn and beans. two for one. three, two, one! wow! >> students at the bishop union
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high school in california sent a chicken, a rubber chicken up into space. >> cool. >> look at that. >> they gave him a little space helmet, too. >> you know what? now i realize why there's all this space junk up in space. they're sending all this stuff up there. legos, now a chicken. >> this is camilla, a mascot of the solar observatorobservatory did it to understand space weather a bit more. >> camilla was also the name of gonzo's babies on muppet babies. >> it's cold out there, so they put a sweater on camilla. >> and also gave her a helmet. >> yeah. we said that in the beginning. >> also has a nasa pin, the american flag. representing. she is sensor equipped, because they're trying to gather
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information. high school students, our future scientists. >> science studs. >> that's it for our show. thanks for joining us. one more video for you. a scuba diving video with a close-up encounter with a whale shark. we'll see you next time.
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